Event Parking

ABC Ramps provides convenient event parking when you attend downtown events. We are located next to several event venues such as Target Field, First Avenue, The Historic Theatre District and many more. We are also conveniently skyway connect to all of downtown.

You can now guaranteed a space is available for you when you arrive with a pre-purchased reservation, download the MPLS Parking App or click here to reserve space online.

Credit Card Payments

  1. Insert ticket at exit
  2. Rate will post, insert credit card
  3. Remove card and gate will open

 Cash Payments

  1. Take ticket with you (cash is not accepted at exits)
  2. Pay at pay stations located within the ramp before returning to you car to leave. (see posted signs for locations)

MPLS Parking App Payments

  • Download the MPLS Parking App
  • Create an account and add a credit card
  • Pay by Zone with the zone number on your ticket (Ramp A:181, Ramp B: 182, Ramp C: 183), and scan your ticket with your phone.
  • At exit enter your ticket and the card registered to your account will automatically be charged.

Benefits of parking with us
  • Abundant parking spaces for vehicles, bicycles and motorcycles
  • Target Field parking and Target Center parking connected via skyway
  • Close proximity to downtown hot spots such as Warehouse District restaurants and Hennepin Theater district
  • Connected to Target Plaza (Ramps A and B) and provide access for fans with disabilities

Charter Bus Parking

Charter bus parking for events is by permit only. Permits must be purchased in advance from MPLS Parking.

For more information see our Event Parking FAQs