Daily Parking

ABC Ramps offer low hourly rates whether you are downtown for work or play. We are conveniently located near downtown businesses, restaurants, shopping and event venues — and skyway connected.

Payment Options

Our facilities are fully automated and accept cash and credit card.

Credit Card Payments

  • Insert card at exit 
  • Rate will post, insert credit card
  • Remove card and gate will open

Cash Payments

  1. Take ticket with you (Cash is not accepted at exits)
  2. Pay at pay stations located within ramp before returning to your car
    (see posted signs for locations)
  3. Within 15 mins after paying insert ticket in to exit and the gate will open.

MPLS Parking App Payments

  • Download the MPLS Parking App
  • Create an account and add a credit card
  • Pay by Zone with the zone number on your ticket (Ramp A: 181, Ramp B: 182, Ramp C: 183), and scan your ticket with your phone.
  • At exit enter your ticket and the card registered to your account will be automatically be charged.

Are you parking at ABC Ramps to attend an event? Click here to learn more about Event Parking

Early Bird Parking — Cheap! Cheap! Cheap!

Enter the ramps on weekdays between 6 a.m. – 9 a.m. to receive our special early bird rates. Enter with two or more in your vehicle through a carpool lane and receive the special carpool early bird.

* 12-hour limit. Rates subject to change.

For more information see our Daily Parking FAQs