About Us

ABC Ramps are convenient parking and multimodal transportation facilities located in downtown Minneapolis.

Our Mission

  • Connect to various transportation options
  • Provide people-friendly services
  • Reduce traffic congestion
  • Support clean air initiatives
  • Anchor a vibrant gateway to downtown Minneapolis

ABC Ramps customers can expect:

  • Clean, safe and convenient facilities
  • Affordable monthly and daily parking rates
  • Easy access to I-394 and I-94
  • Exclusive carpool to work rates
  • Skyway connectivity to downtown core
  • 24/7 security monitored facilities
  • Bicycle lockers and showers
  • On-site bus and light rail connections
  • Convenient event parking
  • Motorcycle and scooter parking
  • Ramp-Ride-Fly airport parking

Our valued partners include:

  • Minnesota Department of Transportation
  • City of Minneapolis
  • Federal Highway Administration
  • Move Minneapolis
  • Metro Transit